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Tacoma Chapter #1

100 years of service to Veterans

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DAV Service Office at Chapter #1 is open on Tuesdays 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

100 Years of Service

DAV Tacoma Chapter #1 has been helping Washington Veterans and their families for 100 years. Our Mission of Service to Veterans and their families is essential.

We have hundreds of full-time National Service Officers (NSO) supported by thousands of volunteers across the country. Every DAV Service Officer is a war veteran with experience in their own VA claims, so we know what you are going through.

All of your tax deductible donations go to our mission of free service to veterans, survivors and dependents. Thank you for your service and support.

Help with VA Claims

DAV Provides FREE Help to all Veterans and Surviving Spouses

VA Claims for Service Connected Compensation and Medical Care (C&P)

The first thing all veterans should know is that VA compensation benefits are not automatic.

We have to make a legal claim for the benefit of compensation for the partial or complete loss of ability to produce income from work because of the lasting effect of each medical condition, which was caused or aggravated by military service.

In other words, we must prove that (1) something happened during our military service and (2) now we have a diagnosis of medical condition that (3) a doctor has entered a medical opinion which states that the current condition is as likely as not related to, or caused by, the thing that happened in the military.

The difficulty is gathering the records and documents which basically prove our claims. Your DAV Service Officer can help you request copies of your Service Records and put together a well prepared claim. It is up to you to keep track of your claim records, personal history and other legal documents that prove your claim. DAV is here to help you learn what you need to do and how to do it, so you can make a more effective claim.

The more you learn about your part in the claim process, the better you will be prepared. The better prepared you are, the better you will do in the VA claim process. Get your checklist and start organizing your records for an effective claim. Contact a DAV Service Officer for assistance. We are here so you are not alone.

Benefit Claims for Survivors of Deceased Veteran (DIC))

When a veteran dies from service connected medical conditions or after 10 years rated at 100%, then the surviving spouse is entitled to a continued benefit payment under Dependent Indemnity Compensation (DIC) . This is in addition to any other retirement or insurance benefits provided by the military or civilian community.

In many cases the survivors include dependent children. It is important to maintain good records for the survivor claim because this is an extension of the veteran claim.

Information and Resources for Veterans and Families

Here at DAV Chapter No.1, we have more information about local and national programs and services for veterans of all ages and eras.

In many cases, care and support for our family members includes resources or equipment for our families. Once we are out of the military, the family support resources we had are no longer open to us. It is essential to find alternatives.

VA Claim Checklist

    Basically, all VA Claims begin with the same 3 things:

1) Proof of Qualified Military Service

□ DD-214 for every period of service that is
  NOT “Dishonorable” or “Other Than Honorable”

2) Proof of Medical History related to Military Service

□ Service Medical Treatment Records (SMR or STR) in your file

□ ER, Inpatient and Outpatient records from every military/civilian hospital, Medical Unit or TMC

3) Proof of All Dependents - Family & Support Orders

□ Certificates of Marriage, Divorce, Birth and Death - including DATE and PLACE

□ Social Security Numbers and Date of Birth for all dependents

□ If the current spouse was married before, then document that history as well including DATE and PLACE of previous marriages and divorces

Also, Other Supporting Documents You Should Have

□ All Military Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) Decisions - Especially if Medical Discharge

□ ALL Previous VA Rating Decisions

□ Social Security Disability Decision Letter with medical condition for decision

□ All related medical records after the military. (VA, Tricare and Private)
Only private records for conditions in VA claim - Other stuff does not help

□ Witness Statements - Buddy Letters - Pictures - Newspaper Articles

And Your Direct Deposit Information

□ Checking or Savings Account Information and Bank Routing Number.

Ask your DAV Service Officer to help you find copies of any records you do not already have.

If you file a claim without proof, you will waste a lot of time and lose a lot of money. A Fully Developed Claim (FDC) means that you have gathered everything and sent it to the VA, so they do not have to do the work. The VA can go directly to rating and payment instead of waiting for up to 6 months just to get basic records.

DAV Volunteer Chapter Service Officers and NSOs are here to help you make your claim more effectively.

Support DAV

Support the Mission of DAV

      Most of our local funding comes from our Forget Me Not drives around Memorial Day.

Photo - Forget Me Not - with DAV tag

DAV members and their families will setup in public places on and off base to raise donations by offering a Forget Me Not flower to each person.

DAV is a 100 year old charitable and patriotic non-profit organization with a well known history of service to veterans, their families and our community.

DAV Chapter #1
1110 N Stevens St
Tacoma, WA 98406

Chapter History

DAV Chapter #1 was formed in January 1921 as the "Charles Huckabe Tacoma Chapter Number 1" of "The Disabled American Veterans of the World War". Click on the image below to see the credentials our delegate Frank L. Quinn to the First National Convention in 1921.

First National Convention Credentials DAVWW

We have been fortunate to be supported by veterans in Washington helping other veterans, their families and survivors for 100 years.

Thank you for your continued service and support