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Tacoma Chapter #1

Helping Washington Veterans Since 1921

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Every DAV Service Officer is a fellow veteran with service connected medical conditions form military. We have all been there.

The purpose of local chapters in DAV is to provide a local Service Office in every city with veterans so they can get help and information.

DAV Chapter #1 has been here for Washington veterans since 1921 and this Chapter is supported and managed entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Every veteran who joins DAV helps our chapter just by being a member.

The reality we face is that every one of us have medical conditions that limit the time and energy we can continue working, even as volunteers.

This is why we need every DAV member who has the time and energy to put in as little as 4 hours a week;
      * Answering phones, questions, postal mail and email,
      * Doing outreach and public education appearances,
      * Raising money to support our service offices and training.

We all share a military experience and we all hold ourselves accountable for our duty to family and country as well as our responsibility to help each other.

The DAV mission of free charitable service to any veterans and survivors is genuine. We do not ask for anything in return for service and we cannot accept anything from people we help.

The number one obstacle is the lack of information available to the veterans who are looking for help. Many veterans are not even looking for help because they assume there is no help to find. Everything is fine until it is not. Veterans are used to working alone and being self-sufficient, but that doesn't work when the veteran is desperate for help because he or she is unprepared for the unexpected loss of income, family stress and hardship.

The more veterans who join DAV and learn what they need to know about VA benefits, the more veterans we can reach and help.

Our fellow veterans need to know about VA claims, the proof they need to gather and submit and the support we provide as veterans who have been there.

That is it in a nutshell.

Join DAV and learn how to help other veterans, then you can help hundreds of veterans for the rest of your life.

Chapter Officers

DAV Vans

DAV volunteer drivers transport hundreds of veterans DAV Van with door-to-door service from home to the VA appointments and back again.

Contact our DAV Transportation Coordinator at 253-583-1343 to become a volunteer driver.

Service Offices

You can help support our DAV service offices by volunteering hours at any Chapter Service Office or Department Service Office.

DAV employs over 500 veteran men and women across the country and every one of them has wartime service connected VA ratings.

On top of that, hundreds of DAV volunteers donate thousands of hours helping veterans every year.

Get Help

DAV is here to help any Veteran or Surviving Family Member with VA benefit claims.

The better prepared you are, the better you will do in the VA claim process.

DAV is here to help you prepare and file your claim so you are not alone.

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